Our Services

Sophisticated interior design does not happen by accident. Our global view of an interior design vision is executed with expertise, experience and remarkable resources, after we get to know you and understand your dreams and functionality needs. We are the home designer for you, and offer a wide array of services to help you:


In-depth consultations via Zoom or in person allow us to connect and build a personal relationship of understanding and honesty—the basis for a rewarding collaboration between designer and client.

Space Planning

Expert space planning goes hand in hand with the architectural details. Our purposeful decisions allow for easy movement in each room and thoughtful furniture placement creates welcoming spaces that are engaging, beautiful and entirely livable.

Interior Architecture and Material Selection

With a world of options to choose from, Santa Barbara Designs of the Interior makes the interior design process seamless, with resources and craftspeople at their fingertips. We consider every detail, whether it be new construction, a renovation or a home makeover, and how the structural elements will act as a backdrop to the furnishings. These stylistic and architectural decisions dramatically impact the look and feel of a space.

Custom Window Treatments, Upholstery, Furniture

You will have a designer styled home, with perfectly chosen furnishings, to add a gracious and artistic touch. From contemporary furniture to traditional, with finely tailored custom curtains, drapes and blinds, custom upholstery, rugs, artwork, accessories and other interior decorations, your interior design will be complete. We have the resources. We get your style.

Design Management



Our mission to ensure that every client's project goes smoothly from start to finish is a hallmark of our success. Every selection, from construction finishes to furnishings, is carefully accumulated and documented for easy reference, as we build upon the design throughout the project.

Planning and Scheduling

We think the best way to ensure a successful project is with a careful plan and schedule that is monitored and adapted if conditions change. Communication is a key ingredient with our clients, vendors, workrooms, craftspeople and contractors.